My son's diet does not include a lot of variety, particularly in the vegetable or fruit or fish department. I am starting to wonder whether his lack of focus at school might be related to the fact that he is likely not getting the full range of vitamins, minerals and fish oils. He is 14, quite big for his age, and takes prozac and dexedrine daily. Does anyone have any experience or information about this area?


My 7 year old son has been diagnosed with ADHD about 2 months. We are having him assessed once again in February because I believe he has Asperberger's. His diet is terrible. He does not eat fish, meat, eggs, cheese, beens, nuts, most fruits and vegetables. He doesn't even try new foods. He is influenced by smells and therefore is turned off of most. It is heartbreaking because I know that if he ate more proteins and vitamin rich foods it would help his anger and moods. He eats alot of carbs which does help alittle. He crazes junk food which I try to limit but is so hard. I give him a multi-vitamin and 1 omega-3 pill everyday. I'm sure these help him with respect to his growth but I am desperate to get him to eat other foods that may help him cope with his daily asperberger issues. HELP - does anyone have any new ways of getting their kids to eat.

Exposing him/her to areas

Exposing him/her to areas where food needs to be checked is important. When I took up climbing and surfing I started to get more and more interested on eating healthier foods. I'll have the occassional burger from McDs but it never comes into play where I'm always eating this type of food. When I go away on trips, I pack a box of fruit bars, organic canned soups, lots of fruit, and the occaisional can of tuna/salmon which helps with protien. I think its the fact that as aspies we are very adaptive to our surroundings. I remember once I hated oatmeal, but when I went on a trip and found that that was all that was available for breakfast I pushed myself into it and found myself craving it every morning since. So I guess for advice, just try to encourage him into environments where healthy foods are a part of living. Graham Kendall Youth Moderator