My son is yet to be diagnosed officially. But I have lived with him for 13 years, and from all of the reading that I have done about AS, and all of the conversations I have had with teachers, my son, and his brother, I am pretty much convinced what the root of his problems is. I visited his GP today, to get a referral to get him assessed thinking that it will make a difference. But after reading all that I have tonight, and witnessing again the pill-pushing easy-way-out attitude of our medical community (my son was previously diagnosed as ADD, which I hear is common) I see that I will have a long hard fight ahead of us to get him what he needs. But I'm ready. He's worth it. What we need right now is the right doctor ... one with an open mind, not too far from the Golden Horseshoe who would take the time to arrive at a proper diagnosis. If you do, please respond.

we are in the same moment

My son is 8 and we have known for a while that he was different. This year has been hard and we realized we needed to have a diagnosis. I have suspected AS for a long while and I think that I have been afraid to have that confirmed. My husband and I had our first meeting with the neuro-psychologist last week and our son will be evaluated on April 9th. I am ready to deal with whatever comes head on. I'm almost positive he has AS. I'm a little terrified but knowledge is power, right? We are in the states (Oregon) so I don't think I will be much help on the Dr front. We talked to a lot of doctors and found one who recommends natural methods, behavior therepy, diet, before jumping on medications. That was very important to us. I would interview doctors until you find one who you feel you are on the same page with. Good luck to you.

Oregon resources

Hi there Adam and I presented The Boy Inside to audiences in Newport and Corvallis last year and we discovered that there are some excellent folks working in the area of autism in schools in Oregon. Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District is the district that brought us out. Also, Ellen Notbohm is a writer and educator on ASD and is based in Portland. Find a parents group- there is truly strength in parents sharing stories and information. We resisted meds until it was absolutely neccessary, and they have been a godsend for Adam. Right now he is on a minimal dosage of just one type of med. I hope that one day he will be able to come off it. As a parent said to me when my son was first diagnosed all those years ago- "remember, this is not a death sentence". And she was so right. Adam is doing really well these days, something that was hard to forsee back then. All the hard work is worth it. Last evening I watched him join a basketball game that had a few younger kids in it. It made me proud to see how sweet he was with the youngsters, setting up shots for them, sharing, praising them. I thought to myself, "He's a nice kid". And isnt that what the world needs more of? All the best to you. Marianne

Please try The ADD Centre in

Please try The ADD Centre in Mississauga, Ontario for help with both the ADD and the AS. I hope you will soon feel as rescued as I do. Lynn, Grateful to Dr's Michael and Lynda Thompson, Mississauga