On Saturday On Bio channel here in Australia they aired the film the boy inside I can't tell you how much of my daughter I saw in Adam. Dana is 13 years old I am a mother of 6 children, recently lost my eldest son in a car accident in August 2007, Dana is #4 child followed by twins of which one of them is also in doubt for AS I need as much information as possible. Dana entered High school this year and I really don't think she was socially ready for the transition and that reflected already in her first school report. The school is very quick to say that a lot of my kids issues are environmental when they have been like this since babyhood and toddlers. and I have had enough experience with my other children to know what is "normal" and what is not. I had both Dana and Luke watch the film and Dana agreed with some of it. Thanks for putting it out there, I am off to the paediatrican today to demand both Dana and Luke ( 11yrs) get assessed.

Hello from Australia

Hi there I knew the film had shown in Australia when I started to get loads of emails to my gmail account. I am glad that it has struck a chord with so many families around the world. You sound like you have a lot on your plate and I hope you find some information in the various discussion threads on this page. On of the best writers about Aspergers is Australia's very own Tony Attwood. If you haven't already read his books I recommend them highly. I also know that there are many support groups for families dealing with ASD, both online and in the real world. Be sure to look for them as I have found that the support and information that one gets from other parents can be gold. Best of luck to you. Marianne MKaplan