My son now has a bustling social life! He is in Grade 12 and gets invitations to parties and outings every Friday and Saturday night. This is an AS mother's dream come true. I can remember feeling such deep sadness watching the lonliness and repeated rejections that my son went through while his brother and sister had so many friends and parties to attend. I'm sure I probably felt worse than he did. It no longer mattered to me whether or not he would finish high school despite having such a brilliant mind. All I wanted for him was to have just one good friend. My son had severe ADHD to go with his borderline AS. Can you imagine what this combination was like? Picture someone with uncontrollable impulsive behaviour, accentuated with hyperactivity and then not having the ability to read social cues and realize that he was infuriating the very people he was trying to impress. This went on for 15 years! We are coming up to three years this June 25th of being free of ADHD and Asperger's Syndrome symptoms. We owe my son's whole future success and our whole family's peace and normalcy to a husband and wife team of psychologists at The ADD Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. Although both doctors seem to be familiar with both conditions, as I understand it, Dr. Lynda Thompson is the ADD expert while Dr. Michael Thompson, lucky for us, is an internationaly recognized expert on AS. Their treatment uses very non-invasive neuro-biofeedback. The treatment helps the patients engage, use, and exercise the apparently weak part of the brain associated with ADD or AS, as the case may be. The centre is meant for ADD patients and for adults sometimes with very impressive careers who just want to increse their level of concentration. Every once in awhile, they come across an ADD patient who also has AS. So I hope that they can manage to take your child on as an AS patient. The ADD Centre has tremendous success with ADD patients. Just sit in the waiting room and chat with the parents there. These doctors do not claim to cure. They claim to help the patients handle their condition. But from my perspective, the problems and symptoms just go away....long term. To be sure that I have not misrepresented The ADD Centre or the doctors in any way, please visit their website and give them a call. I know the pain, suffering and stress that being a parent of an AS child can bring. So I hope that some of you will find the enormous relief that my husband and I have found and the joy of friendships that my son now enjoys with the help Dr.'s Lynda and Michael Thompson.

ADD Centre website

As per Marianne's request, here is the website for The ADD Centre I referred to: You will see Asperger's Syndrome listed in the menu the right side! Lynn

There is a Treatment. It worked for us.

Hi there thanks for sharing your extremely positive experience. Could you please post the website for the ADD centre you recommend. thanks Marianne