Hi, I'm 27 years old, from Ottawa, I have Asperger's so my "disability" isn't really that noticeable but I'm on financial assistance because I don't have the best luck in jobs as I'm sure everyone here knows. Believe me, I don't like that word "disability" but this is what I'm on, ODSP: Ontario Disability Support Program while other people I know are on it in Ottawa and have no drive to work and just want to live off the government, I'm not settling for that, it's wrong anyway. I'm young and I have dreams and have a number of career options and others that I want to bring to life and am slowly but surely getting what I need to make that happen The best case scenario I'd like for myself is to move to Vancouver and live my life there and be free of assistance and be able to support myself in doing something I love. I am, though, getting impatient, I've done lots of research about Vancouver and amongst other things, I'm envious of the weather (I hate the sun and heat) and I love that there are strict speed limits since I live in an apartment and am sound sensitive and cannot stand the drag racing that people like to do in the sunny and nice weather here. I'm trying to wait until I have enough money saved and enough of a job plan and a place to stay to venture out to Vancouver but it's not easy. So I'm just wondering if anyone had any leads, suggestions, resources, advice, etc. to help me get settled out in Vancouver. Again, I'd like to be free of financial support but I've also looked into as much as I can, the support system of Vancouver because I can't trust that I can keep a job when I'm out there either. The very first reason I wanted to go was years ago, I used to make amateur music videos with my friends and I wanted to move out there because I found out it was Hollywood North and there's all that industry in Vancouver, I'm interested in anything to do with the entertainment industry, and I pick up jobs here and there in entertainment here in Ottawa but I know it's nothing compared to what I could get in Vancouver. hope you can help, thanks Fraser Thomas P.S. I filmed commercials for a internet reality show but I don't know if I can give the address out in the forum

Ottawa to Vancouver posting

I am Fraser's dad. In November of 2008 Fraser was diagnosed with cancer. After a brave battle he passed away on September 13, 2009, two weeks before his 29th birthday. Fraser was a unique individual who lived successfully with Asperger's Syndrome. We believe he did in fact make a trip to Vancouver in October of 2008. If anyone has information about this trip I would appreciate you letting me know. Thank you.