I just watched the story of Adam for the 2n time. This time I didn't watch it with my son Kevin. The last 9 yrs have been a living hell in my home. A week in lockdown at Youthdale - because of talking about hurting himself and others. The psych there made a quarry of Asperbers. Kevin's life revolves around the PS2 and trying to find a friend. This past summer I tried to get a complete pshyco-educational testing done on him. Kevin starts a regular high school this week after being in a segregrated class for the last 3 yrs - can you say we are both scared. They only did the projected testing - no educational or Asbergers assessment. We do know he has sever dyslexia - like me. I asked the tester if he even looked at Asbergers and he said no he didn't bother. How do I get him assessed properly and where do I go????? At this point I will pay to have him assessed. Anyone have any ideas?

Aspergers Society of Ontario

Aspergers Society of Ontario will ikely have some good leads for where to get high quality psych ed testing dine, with a focus on AS. Good luck and thanks for watching the film. Marianne

Western Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada

Hi--our son is going through the difficult assessment phase. We have found the people at Western Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, Canada helpful. They do have an AS Clinic there. You will need to get a referral from your family doctor. Hope that helps, and good luck. PS--we too just watched the show, but for the first time. We are now even more scared for our son who is 6.

Western Toronto Hosp.

I even have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow!! I didn't know Toronto Western had a AS Clinic there. I am going to give them a call as soon as I get off the computer. Marilyn