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      Check out the archived forums for youth, parents, and adults on the spectrum.

      Unfortunately the forum is not active anymore but we have kept it available as a resource for you to explore.

      If you have any comments or questions, you may contact Adam or Marianne by emailing them directly at
    • Forum For Youth (Archive Only)

      Want to talk about your experience with Asperger Syndrome? This is the place to connect with other kids just like you.
    • Forum For Parents/Adults (Archive Only)

      Parents, educators and caregivers dealing with Asperger's need support. Find it here.
    • Forum For Adults On The Spectrum (Archive Only)

      What is it like to be on the Spectrum for a lifetime? Some have called us a "lost generation." But, many of us have found ways to enjoy families, careers, and other interests despite our social challenges. Join the dialog in this forum.