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Hi there we got spammed so had to shut down for a while. We are back now and require you to register to join the discussion group. Its fast and easy. Hope to chat with you soon. Marianne

Hi James

When I read James's entry on the comments of the page somewhere on this website where the movie description is, my heart melted. James you are a wonderfully articulate young man and i couldn't believe how much like my own 19yr old daughter you are. She has had such trouble all her life and is at present in a crisis we are trying to help her through. You really gave us hope in getting a diagnosis for her. I'm thinking you have such insight into your own problems and life challenges and have come a long way since your diagnosis a couple of years ago. My daughter has such talent for English as you obviously have and struggles with maths. She is at the moment trying to finish her schooling at home by correspondence. I am wondering if there are any other Aspies or parents, friends of Aspies out there who can help me find some direction. My daughter's crisis at the moment is that her therapist has dumped her as she has formed too strong an emotional attachment to him. He feels any further therapy with him would be detrimental and that she has to move on. This has been her pattern, forming inappropriate emotional attachments to people she can't actually have a relationship with then breaking down when the realisation comes to light and becoming suicidal. Help!

Bullied by teachers as well as kids

Hi, I'm Ettina. I was diagnosed with PDD NOS at 15 years old. I'm now 17. In the film clip, I could really relate to what Adam was saying. I remember at that age, I'd ignore the bullying for as long as I could, then have a meltdown and run away or get into a fight with a teacher if they tried to stop me. Bullying tends to get worse around that age, and entering a new school in grade 5 didn't help. But it was harder for me to cope with, partly because I'd already been through so much. Firstly, I was sexually abused from the ages of 1-5 years old (my parents stopped it and got me counseling when they found out), and secondly, in my first school the teachers bullied me. I have to go now, so I can't really say what I was planning to, but I'll just say I started a yahoo group about school problems at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/schooltrauma/ Ettina


I figured it would be easier for me to start posting in this active (haha) community if I briefly introduced myself. My name is Jade, and I am 15 and currently in grade 11. I am planning on graduating in January 2008, a year + a semester early. I have a job, and I am active on student council and dance committee at school. Also, I am a memeber of the art gallery young associates and am on the youth advisory board for the library. I have six brothers, one sister, and five parents. Although I have never been formally diagnosed with AS, many professionals believe that I am one of the many people living with the struggles that the rest of you deal with.

I'll Be Away For Awhile

Hey guys, I'm going to be away for a bit (Hawaii for the pipeline masters, yay). I'll try to get some internet access at least at one point on my trip to check on the website. Have a good one, Graham Kendall

GFs & BFs

So how many of us have had problems with boyfriends and girlfriends? Don't be shy, I know we all have. Now, how many of us have managed to get past these obstacles we face when trying to develop appropriate relationships? One of my most favourable memories when I was 16 was when I had my first real girlfriend. Her name was Amy and she was everything a guy could want: good looking, smart, and really nice. She once got me to meet her at her school and when I was approaching her school I was suddenly in the arms of this brown haired girl that I had only been dating for a week. She had somehow spotted me amongst the 500 or so students walking out of the school. Probably one of the sappiest stories of my life but thats one of my favourite experiences with having a girlfriend. Now lets face it. We all want one but why do we want one so bad? Why do we obssess over this idea to the point where its all we ever think and talk about? The thing we must realize is that the less we think about it, the more likely it will happen. Its sad to say but thats just the way it happens to be. Now i invite you to share your experiences here on the forum. Don't be affraid. Graham Kendall Youth Moderator

Yo Its Adam From The Movie

Hello to all of you that hopefully took your valuable time to look at my blog. I want you all to know that youre not alone and i enjoy the fact that gives us the chance to be all of a community and express yourselves. If you want to know how to contact me read my blog or post your questions and ideas here. I will try to read as many as i can. Peace Out Adam
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