My wife has become concerned over the last few months about a new activity that I may become obsessed with. When my father Corkey died two years ago (a difficult change for me to deal with) he left me about 1 million sports cards. Hockey, baseball, basketball, football, there seems no end to them. I made two trips to Ontario recently because my mother has been diagnosed with cancer (another difficult change for me to deal with). I saw first-hand the massive collection. It will probably take a year just to find out what he has collected. I brought some holiday cheer to my mother and her best friends the only way I knew how. First, I treated her friends to a turkey dinner at their favourite restaurant and played them Christmas carols using a guitar I borrowed from a young soldier. Then, I brought my mother the same meal at the hospital and played the French and English carols she loved to sing so many years ago (it seemed). She sang and laughed! That was one of the best days of my life. For me, music really takes the edge off anxiety. My mother bought me my first guitar 40 years ago and I am still able to use it to put smiles on people's faces and joy in their hearts. I have also promised my wife that I would examine Corkey's card collection in moderation. It is a strange feeling to read his notes and see a few of his fingerprints on some of the cards. I sure do miss him at Christmas time. Season's Greetings Dennis