My daughter is 5 and has AS. Where are all the girls? there is so little knowledge on what things are like for girls with AS. Are there any out there that can help give some insight. Whats different about having AS as a girl? Chris.

Girls with Aspbergers

Hi Chris, I have a 15 year old daughter with AS. She was not diagnosed until half way through grade 5. Finally I had some answers like why she could never get up for school and secondly why she never cared that she would be late. Fortunately for us - life has gotten much easier the older she gets. She doesn't rage any more.She does have and has always had friends. Academics have always been a problem for her - and she also hates school in general. This year she is at a vocational high school and it has been fantastic for her. Finding a discipline that works has always been a problem. She does very little to help around the house. She has very low motivation. My concerns now are for her future and wondering if she will be able to support herself. Debbie Debbie


Chris here again months later. I have since found a great deal more girls with AS. My daughter is in a weekly playgroup for kids with high functioning Autism. It is great for her, and wonderful as a parrent to see. The kids are all so quirky and full of personality (like her). I love that we found it. Just saw the movie Mozart and the Whale about a couple with AS (based on reality). The girl in it was alot closer to the type my daughter is and the guy was alot more typical for what others look for. Eye contact is not a major problem for our daughter and other signs are not as obvious or visible. This lead to alot of problems especially at her last school where the principal thaught that she was spoiled and manipulative and that her behaviours were a result of that and not AS. We are in a new school now and all is well and so far the long tearm prognosis looks better to us than it has for 2 years now. Anyway Mozart and the Whale. Good movie whomever reads this will like the movie Im sure. Girls with AS are cool.