Feeling very frustrated with how things are going for Adam at school. He seems to care so little about his schoolwork, and it is a constant slog getting him to do his homework, in fact to take any responsibility at all about academics. If I was not totally on it and on him about it, in constant communication with his aide, battling with him to do homework, he would just let it all go completely and it could totally fall apart. I am determined for him to graduate high school- after that he can decide what or what not to do. I know that socially things are not going great at school, I saw some mean emails posted on his nexopia account, and you just know that as an AS kid he has to be constantly "messing up" in his social interactions with peers. Its a battle to get him to go to school most mornings, and he wants days off all the time, not a good sign.

Have you considered Home Schooling?

Does Adam remind me of Jessica? Yes! At the scene where you tell him you do not feel like travelling 1 hour into Chicago and he cries, at that moment it could very well have been my daughter Jessie instead! After all is said and done, we are just moms and our kids are just kids. They feel pain, sadness and as a mom, I just can't stand the pain you all are going through, especaially him. My daughter is a "super sensitive" empathetic person. When I told her your story, she immediately exclaimed, "I'll be his friend mommy, I bet he would make a very loyal friend" But seriously, have you ever considered home schooling him even for the sake of him not having to deal with such negativity? It is not hard at all really, I am not an expert by any means, Jessie is 8 and is now one grade level higher than would be. If you would like to get more info about home schooling or what our experience has been please feel free to contact me, my email is talk2mesesame@hotmail.com. In the meanwhile, you are in our prayers and our thoughts and we wish you all the best. You'll make it. Be positive and keep smiling. Cheers, Laura and Jessica from Ontario

Thank you

As a mother of a little boy who has just started school and is quite possibly on the spectrum, I watched your film with a great deal of interest. It was a beautifully honest account of daily life with a child with AS which effectively allowed viewers to feel the pain, helplessness, isolation and exhaustion parents of children with AS/ASD can feel. I applaud and thank you for this courageous undertaking. When people get glimpses into what life with children with such special needs is like, perhaps people will be less apt to judge these children and their parents. Thank you!

RE: School ..... A suggestion

Thanks Kevin. Its always good to hear from people who have been through it themselves. Your suggestion makes a lot of sense and I will definitely be looking into that option for grade 10. I know for a fact Adam works more efficiently one on one, and for him being able to get through the material more quickly is a big plus. He likes the idea of being able to have school over and done with in less than the 6 hours a day he spends at it now. M

Try to get your son on here.

Try to get your son on here. I might start a forum for kids with as and sports. It would make it ineteresting. Graham Kendall Youth Moderator


I spent grades 1 to 6 with the same 20 kids. Eveen though I knew them it didn't really mean that I could go to them to hang out or sit with them. In fact, after the first 2 years I started going home for lunch. That made a turn for the worse as I started growing farther apart from the other kids. I did start getting back into friendships in grade 5 when, funny enoug, baseball became the IT sport to play at recess. The amount of games I must have played must have come in the 50s as at both recesses of the day were spent at one of the baseball diamonds that were on the schoo field. I loved it and while I still went home for lunch I came back earlly so I could catch the others while they came out of the lunchroom. Even if I didn't come earlly, I would find them waiting until I showed up. It was fun. No teams, no competition, just throwing, batting and catching. But I do wish I had one of those friends you know since u were 5. One of those friends who you can say, "Remember when we were 9 and that sumer we did..." Instead I do that with my brothers. Its too bad but I can't complain that much. I just can't. I have too much else to love that I can't dwell on it. Graham Kendall Youth Moderator