Hello:) I am a grade 12 student doing a research report on Aspergers Syndrome. I need to conduct interviews with parents of AS children in order to collect my own primary research if anyone is willing to participate please answer the following questions and either post them here or message/ email them to me. Your answers will be kept confidential if you wish. Thanks for your help! 1. When was your child diagnosed, at what age? 2. What signs or symptoms was s/he showing? 3. Who helped in identifying the signs or symptoms? 4. Was getting an accurate diagnosis a difficulty? 5. Where did you seek help? 6. What were some complications you found throughout the process of diagnosis? 7. Would you have done anything differently while seeking a diagnosis? 8. Who/what has supported your Aspergers child the most? 9. What role, if any, did the school play in the diagnosis of your child? 10. How much did you know before of this topic? 11. How were you educated on the topic of Aspergers? 12. Who/what helped you the most on understanding Aspergers? 13. How important is it for a parent with an Aspergers child to be educated? 14. What treatment did your child receive? (Medication, behavior) 15. Who supported you throughout the treatment? (school, doctors, AS group)