To all you parents out there looking for a school solution for you child. My son was kicked out of one district, we uprooted moved to a completely knew town and started all over again. It started well, but quickly went down hill to the point that he recieved one hour per week of instruction in our home provided three adults were present, teacher, child and youth worker and myself. I contact the ministry of education and the district was satisfying there requirement for giving him an education much to my dismay, I tried to find a lawyer, but this is such a specialized and rare area of the law, that no one could help me, if anyone knows of a lawyer please post their name, not that I need one now but there are lots of other parents that may. In all he missed nearly three years of school. Thru perseverence and determination i demanded meeting after meeting to find something for him. After a year and a half in our new district the District Principal came to me with an idea for my son a new school program was created called the Discovery Program. It started last January as a pilot project with 4 teachers / ea's and 5 elementary children, it was so successful that it is now running full time. My son is in a class mornings only with 5 students and 5 teachers /ea's and this month will start being integrated back into a regular classroom. My son since January has gone from running away, threatening verbal and physical violence towards teachers and students, threatening suicide to a child that is doing work in the classroom, homework most nights quite willingly, and has friends who come to our home and he goes to theirs, problems and all. While he still has his outbursts, they are fewer and fewer and he is learning to cope in a classroom. And all the behavioural programming that the teachers have spent the last year learning from him and teaching him will follow him as one of those ea's will go to the regular school with him and teach it to the teachers. He is always going to have more difficulties at school and have the label of being different, but know he has a fighting chance at finishing school with an education (modified), and going into the community as an adult and contributing. The school district we are in is #68 Nanaimo Ladysmith British Columbia. Anyone wanting more info can contact me at Parents demand programs like this in your school district, it can be done and is successful. Julie Wakefield