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The responses from across the country continue to pour in. I am surprised at how many people are affected by AS. The Boy Inside seems to have truly struck a nerve. Our dream of an online community growing out of the shared experience of watching the film is starting to become a reality. Parents are starting to share their stories and connect with one another. There seems to be emotional value for people in telling their story and hearing other family's stories. I hope our kids start to find value in connecting with each other online. One of the most moving emails to come my way today was from the ringleader of the group of kids that rejected Adam during Grade 6 and 7. He watched the film on CBC Newsworld last night and apologized to Adam for bullying him and said he wished he would have been able to see things through Adam's eyes. It makes me more determined to get the film into every school, not just in BC, but in all of Canada. With a good study guide to help teachers use the film in the most effective way, we can really have an impact on how kids treat other kids.

My first blog

Hey guys and girls thanks for reading my blog it really means something to me for your support. I just want to say I am watching south park. I will leave you some new pictures. They are pretty cool pictures. Im going to have my Bday party on Sunday and im going to a dance on Friday night. The world series is wrapping up and I am cheering for the tigers. adam's stuffadam's stuffpeace out!peace out!

My first blog

My first blog- it feels like a rite of passage. Adam and I just returned from 2 days of screenings in the Maritimes- Friday night in Halifax sponsored by the Autism Society of Nova Scotia and the Autism Society of Canada, and a Saturday afternoon screening in Charlottetown sponsored by the Autism Society of PEI and Canada. As usual the response to the film was very emotional, with lots of frank discussion after, many of the questions being directed at Adam.

It seems that government support for Maritime families affected by AS disorders is very inadequate. Luckily the communities themselves seems tight and strong. The Provincial Autism Centre in Halifax runs a fantastic drop in program for small groups of kids with AS, where the kids get together and hang out on a regular basis.

This is something I’d like to explore creating in Vancouver. It is so hard for our kids to get regular opportunities to socialize in a setting where they can just be themselves, without having to fit into neurotypical expectations. I’ve put it on my to-do list.

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